This will be my little shpeal on wrist care / health and how I have been affected by this wonderful hobby.

I started knitting 7 years ago. Well that was the first time I picked up a pair of needles. And I got actively involved in knitting about a year ago. But I also started to type and wrote a lot more than I was used to. And now I look back on it and realized I might have pushed my own limit. And so now, for at least 4 months, I have been a dormant knitter, since my right wrist hurt that much. I wore a brace, did stretches. But overall I learned that the best way to let it heal was by not knitting. It really hurt. Either my wrist or my creative side, wanting to pick up the needles and do a few rows, I mean 2 rows couldn’t possibly hurt. Was I wrong. The pain I felt two days after made me stray away from knitting for those 4 months. You could say I’ve been going through knitting withdrawl. So I learned to crochet. And surprisingly, it didn’t hurt as much. However, it was sad for me to realize that I could never reach that peak ‘production level’ I was at a year- 2 years ago.  I also feel pain is a great mind over matter ideal. If I feel I can handle writing, typing and knitting, maybe I can slowly build myself back up. It sounds as if I was an injured athlete who is going through recovery, and I would say I guess I am. Knitting sometimes is used for wrist therapy and I still feel a passion to knit, however, I don’t want to get arthritis/ carpal tunnel in my wrists so early on in the game. So I’m starting to actively use my left hand, my less dominant, so it won’t ‘slack off’ and have my right hand compensate.  


Two Textured Beanie (with flower)


~ THIS IS A QUICK KNIT!!!~ (and I mean very quick, as in less than a week for beginners quick, or a I only have 30 minutes/day to knit quick, or in not too many rows or stitches quick 🙂

I wanted to make a matching hat to the bag I previously wrote about.  This hat is a nice length since it covers the tips of your ears and forms to the shape EVERYONE’S UNIQUELY SHAPED HEADS. My head for example is really big so the hat stretched over many uses.   I don’t like using circular or double pointed needles for hats because when you decrease , it often looks messy or weird. So I used size 4.5 mm straight needles, and cast on sixty five stitches, with size four yarn.
Knit stockinette( knit one row, purl one row)  for twenty rows, and end with a purl row. Then purl another row(#21) and do stockinette until you reach 40 rows ( which should be a knit row ). Then knit the 41st row and continue stockinette until you reach sixty rows total( the last row will be a purl row.) You should have somewhat-biggish-looking two textured rectangle.  Then you can use a yarn needle(I used a crochet hook, around the same size as the needles) and measure the length of the yarn to be 4-5 times the length of the hat, and cut it. String your needle with the end of yarn you just cut and pull it through all your stitches. Pull tightly, and you should have a dome shape. ~REMEMBER TO TO THIS INSIDE OUT SO YOUR SEAM IS LESS APPARENT.~ Then sew the sides together,and at the bottom, tie and cut accordingly. It looks like a nice plain beanie.  Also there is a slight hole at the top, so you can attach a large pompom to hide the gap.

For the flower, I made my own version of this pattern:

When I followed their patter of casting on 80 stitches, there were too many, and my flower petals overlapped because I used “normal yarn” (not the fancy textured stuff that the pictures on their pattern use).  I also used a spare button and sewed it to the flower with blue thread(to match the flower).  The link above explains how to attach the flower to the hat pretty well.

The hat does stretch after wearing, so you can use thicker/ fuzzier yarn to cover the larger looking stitches(after many times of wearing).

Wash according to the yarn label’s instructions, you don’t want your new favorite head accessory to shrink. (:

Happy knitting!

Basic Two COlored Bag


Wow, my first post about knitting !(: Well, I’m really excited. If you have any tips or questions, feel free to comment.

First of all, all those patterns everywhere that say easy / beginning/ fast pattern aren’t actual easy at all. I’ve had difficulty decoding their shorthand instructions. So here is my  EASY AND NON CONFUSING BUT NICE WALK THROUGH SOME WHAT PATTERN FOR A FASHIONABLE BAG THAT CAN STRETCH AND LAST LONG IF YOU TAKE GOOD CARE OF IT.

This project started out with me just wanting to finish a medium sized ball of yarn( size four ish , I prefer thicker yarn for bags BECAUSE they are more durable, and NOT 100% wool / hard to keep ones with fancy how to wash instructions ). I used 5mm needles and cast on 45 stitches.  Basic garter stitch(knit every row) until there’s not enough left to knit.(I knit loosely, so all my projects tend to stretch. Usually my gauge is really off. All those fancy patterns say “adjust needles to obtain gauge” but why would you waste time knitting a whole/ giant swatch just to find out your gauge isn’t right ?) A good thing about this some what pattern is that it doesn’t matter how big or small. You can make your own variations of this.   So mine turned to be almost a square when folded in half. Then I switched( by tying the new color to the end of the old color row with a double knot)  to a different but complementing color And did stockinette ( knit one row, purl one row) for 12 rows. I count my rows by the number of ” v ” shapes, then on the 13 th row, I purled again, and purled on the 14 th too, and went back to stockinette for another 11 rows.  I bind off normally, which is you knit two stitches, then pull the stitch further from the tip of your needle over the other one, so now you have one needle that had one stitch and the other has  43. It’s like crocheting.(Youtube had lots of easy to follow videos on techniques of different stitches and so does,so if you like visuals, go look up some easy tutorials).
The handle was seven stitches where I did stockinette for 3 rows(for example : knit purl knit, then knit purl knit) until desired length.
To sew the bag together, you can use a yarn needle or a crochet hook(small / medium sized ones are fine ). So you just tie some matching color yarn on the inside and sew inside out but with yarn. It really doesn’t matter where you poke, as long as it goes through (without splitting the yarn into separate strands) and looks consistent, since usually the  seam shows when the bag is expanded to its full capacity. Then you add the handles where ever.

You really can do anything to this pattern to make it uniquely yours. And to finish it off, I sewed a button, making the flap secure.

Ps :Sorry this was long. I’ll shorten it down a bit next time. Happy knitting !